Dr. Heather helped me. Now it’s not scary to poop in the potty!

Dr. Heather made it so no boogers come out when I sneeze!

– Shayne, 3 years old, Lake In The Hills, IL

I have been a patient of your’s for many years and I wish to thank you for your most recent addition to your services. I recently experienced the DRX9000C at your suggestion, to relieve the neck pain I developed as a result of the requirements of my job. My work position is to have my head bent for most of the day, so I habitually sat and stood bent over all day, thus creating pain in my shoulders, back and neck on a continual basis. Your DRX9000C completely relieved the pain in just one visit and after several visits, I can actually feel my neck and back muscles beginning to rebuild as I am able to correct my poor posture, thus keeping me pain free and mobile.

The treatment was comfortable, enjoyable, and professional. Your staff was knowledgeable, informative and welcoming. My comfort and care was their main concern. I know this is a wonderful gift to the community, a service that can benefit many people and I am most pleased to be able to benefit from the wonderful things I think the DRX9000C can do for all who suffer from neck pain.

– Louise, 67 years old, St. Charles, IL, Self-Employed

For at least 15 years I’ve had degenerative discs in my spine with constant pain in my neck and shoulders and much limited range of motion. After two different spine physicians and two different physical therapists with very minimal pain relief I can finally say that I’ve improved at least 90% through the efforts and knowledge of Dr. Heather and her staff. The entire staff is absolutely wonderful and dedicated to each patient’s health issues and works very closely together. This is a total team effort!

– John P., Bloomingdale, IL, Sales Manager

First of all I am a mom with children that are 24, 14, and 8. When my 24 was little she had lots of ear infections and now I know she had allergies… About a year ago a dear and trusted friend started telling me about an allergy elimination method. I was a skeptic, I’m thinking boy that would be wonderful but very unrealistic. To make a very long story shorter I researched and located a doctor in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Actually I talked to many doctors within a 15-55 mile radius. My eight year old was sick again and about every 4 to 6 weeks was sick and the regular doctors had no answers and just kept saying it was a virus, or sinus infection and just wait it out. He also had other problems which no one has answers for, stomach and headache. My husband and I were frustrated. So, I made an appointment and a week before the appointment I took my children off the allergy shots and medication. I had the allergy tests from the allergist and I took a huge leap of faith. I was going outside the western medicine culture. From the first time we saw this doctor and every visit since I have been in upper amazement. I feel like I found a pot of gold or won the lottery and all I want to do is share it with the world.

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Fifty-five year old male, recommended to you with long history of Gout, cellulitis and general malaises, while taking preventative medications Simvastatin, cholchacine aspitins and vitamin E to include extensive inhaler use.

After 8 weeks of treatments with Dr. Heather, results include: instant energy returns, increased muscle strength, better sleep pattern, improved heart and lung function, without the inhalers.

– Griff

Dr. Heather Wisniewski is an exceptional Chiropractic Physician. Her deep and extensive knowledge, combined with her thorough attention to detail and her intuitive approach to healing are unparalleled in the chiropractic community.

Dr. Heather’s gentle bedside manner, along with her profound understanding of the human body, provides her patients with the constant reassurance that her entire focus is on restoring them to complete health.

I have chiropractors and homeopathic doctors across the country and none of them hold a candle to Dr. Heather, which is why I now fly in from Los Angeles to see her because quite literally, I know I couldn’t be in better hands anywhere else. Thank you, Dr. Heather!

– Sharon / Life Coach

My 10 year old daughter had problems with stomach aches that hit a peak when we rushed her to the local emergency room doubled over and crying in pain. After their tests were inconclusive, we had her transferred to a city hospital, known throughout the Midwest for their medical expertise. They ran test after test, and finally told us that there was nothing wrong with her, and we needed to see a psychiatrist, or a pain management doctor.

On the advice of a family member, we sought out Dr. Heather. After the painless process of Meridian Stress Assessment, we found that she had food allergies. With Allergy Elimination Techniques, these were resolved. Now, 7 years later, she continues eat any food she likes, without suffering any side effects or stomach aches

– Linda