Dr. Heather Wisniewski

Dr. Heather Wisniewski has been a licensed Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner since 2001. Dr. Heather’s interest in health, wellness, and healing have taken her well beyond a traditional Chiropractic practice.

Dr. Heather uses a “whole-body approach” when taking care of her patients. Every patient has an individualized treatment plan dependent on their health concerns. By combining the very best hands-on technique (NET, NST), state-of-the-art bio-energetic procedures (MSA), and providing the newest and best natural vitamins, mineral supplements, and homeopathics on the market today, Dr. Heather can help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

–    National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL, Doctorate of Chiropractic April 2001
–    DePaul University, Chicago, IL, Bachelor of Psychology
–    Highland College, Freeport, IL, Associates of Psychology
–    Health Pioneers Institute, Naperville, IL, Certification in Animal Chiropractic

Licensure: State of Illinois, Chiropractor

–    BioSet – Allergy Eliminations
–    NeuroEmotional Technique (NET)
–    Practical Herbal Therapy
–    MSA Testing – BioMeridian
–    AVCA – Animal Chiropractic
–    NeuroStructural Integration Technique (NST) – Advanced Certification

Memberships & Associations:
–    American Chiropractic Association
–    Illinois Chiropractic Society
–    The One Foundation
–    American Veterinary Chiropractic Association