BioScan Meridian Stress Assessment Testing

The BioScan MSA provides a comprehensive test that measures the flow of energy through acupuncture points related to the body’s major organs and systems. Major groups of these points are called meridians. By carefully analyzing the energetic impulses flowing between meridians, your practitioner will be able to assess whether any of these pathways are blocked or restricted.

When your meridian pathways are blocked, you may experience weakness, illness, or chronic disease. The BioScan MSA provides Dr. Heather with the feedback she needs to make nutritional recommendations that will strengthen and balance your body.

Unlike other allergy tests available in the market, the BioScan MSA is completely non-invasive and pain free. The BioScan MSA can provide you and your practitioner with a comprehensive picture of the major systems & organs in your body. It creates a complete circuit (like an EEG or EKG) using a highly sensitive ohm meter that measures the flow of energy between each meridian point and organ. This information is plotted on a graph that you and your practitioner can use to develop a personalized nutritional plan that is suited to your specific needs.

Part of the MSA testing includes checking the patient for allergies and sensitivities. This includes sensitivities to food, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, environmental and more. You will receive a list of all your sensitivities. This report will be used by Dr. Heather to formulate an allergy elimination treatment plan. (See the Allergy Elimination brochure for more information)

The actual testing involves you holding a brass rod in one hand while Dr. Heather uses a probe to take readings at the specific meridian points on your hands and feet. There is only the discomfort of having the probe tip pressed against your skin.

MSA testing at Restorative Health Care takes approximately two hours and includes your first Allergy Ellimination. You will come away with a comprehensive look at the foods and environmental allergens that are causing your symptoms and a treatment plan for getting you to feel your best. You will also be tested on different homeopathics and supplements to assist with your healing process.