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Restorative Health Care, P.C. is pleased to offer breakthrough medical treatment for relieving lower back pain and neck pain, through the use of spinal and cervical decompression.

At Restorative Health Care, located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, we specialize in techniques that are gentle, non-invasive, and effective in naturally assisting the body to restore health. That is why we have acquired the DRX9000C™ and are recommending it to patients with lower back pain and neck pain. The letter "C" in the name refers to the cervical attachment on the DRX9000™, which is the model currently in use at our location.

Spinal Decompression can Help With:

  • Back Pain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated and/or Bulging Discs
  • Relapse or Failure following Surgery
  • Facet Syndrome 
To put the DRX9000™ technology in it's simplest terms, it reproduces the effects of anti-gravity.

Unlike traction, which pulls the muscle and the spine, the DRX9000™ applies forces to decrease interdiscal pressure and enhance fluid diffusion to the disc. In other words, the disc space is gently enlarged, allowing herniated areas to move back into place between the vertebrae. Through the application of negative pressure, the compressed discs are re-oxygenated, rehydrated, and re-nutrified as they draw in moisture from the surrounding body tissues.

The DRX9000C™ is the model that contains a cervical attachment. This attachment allows adjustments to be made to the cervical area of the spine, thus alleviating neck pain.

As published in the American Journal of Pain Management, a study that compared decompression to traditional traction showed decompression resulting in every patient experiencing improvement, ranging from being completely pain free to experiencing substantial relief from pain, numbness or tingling.

Patients describe the treatment as a gentle, intermittent pulling of the back, and many report that it is so relaxing they actually fall asleep during treatment.

THIS ---->https://rhcpc.chiromatrixbase.com/about-us/services---techniques/spinal-decompression.html

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Dr. Heather Wisniewski is an exceptional Chiropractic Physician. Her deep and extensive knowledge, combined with her thorough attention to detail and her intuitive approach to healing are unparalleled in the chiropractic community.

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