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Restorative Health Care, P.C. provides a service called Allergy Elimination. This treatment is a non-invasive, drug and needle-free technique that essentially retrains the body so that it no longer reacts inappropriately to an allergen. Utilizing AE, Dr. Heather can eliminate most allergies, including environmental and food allergies, with one treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is "Nutrition"?
Right nutrition is food that does not cause discomfort, indigestion, bloating, or other digestive complaints.  It is achieved through a balanced diet of whole grains, organic fresh fruits and vegetables, & organic meats (non-steroidal, non-antibiotic fed cattle).  Avoidance of refined sugars, pesticides, bleached refined grains, and processed meats.  Food allergies are a body's hypersensitive response to an item.  Due to the hypersensitivities the body cannot absorb the necessary nutrients from the above foods and deficiencies happen causing symptoms such as fatigue, itchy skin, rashes/hives, chronic infections, chronic sinusitis, and even anaphylactic shock.

2.  What are allergies?
Western medicine defines an allergy as an over-reaction of the immune system.  Allergy Elimination is based on a theory that allergens, substances one is allergic to, causes certain organs to be over-reactive (hypersensitive) to the allergen.  By utilizing Oriental Acupuncture Energy Pathways, also known as meridian or channels, the physician can determine which organs are hypersensitive, thus causing a blockage in the meridians.  In oriental medicine when a blockage of these pathways occurs there is disease. In Allergy Elimination, this is the root of the allergy. 

3.  How do I find and treat my allergies?
Conventional Western medicine has several methods for testing allergies.  These include the "Intradermal test", "Patch test", "Scratch test" and various blood tests such as the "RAST test" and the "Elisa test".  These can identify dozens of allergens from one test or from one blood sample.

The standard treatment is drug therapy using either antihistamines or steroids to control allergic symptoms.  Unfortunately, this does not correct the underlying problem, and often the allergy sufferer experiences serious long-term side effects.

4. Traditional allergy testing and treatments are painful and expensive.  Is there a way I can get rid of my allergies permanently?
Yes.  Allergy Elimination is a natural, drugless, painless, non-invasive method that can be used safely on a newborn infant, on the elderly, even on a healthy person to treat hidden allergies that could cause disease in the future.  It can be used on pets, handicapped, children, and even patients in a coma.  Allergy Elimination can permanently eliminate allergies to the items treated by this method.

5. How do acupuncture and acupressure relate to allergy treatment by Allergy Elimination?
Once the physician has evaluated which organs are affected by the use of corresponding acupuncture points, and organ meridians, allows the physician to strengthen the effected organs with acupressure.  Once the meridian is stimulated for the specific organ systems involved, the meridian is continuously exposed to the allergen.  It will take a certain amount of time to fatigue the meridian, which can be anywhere from 20 minutes to several days.  Once this occurs, the allergen is removed to allow the organ system and brain to "reprogram".  "Reprogramming" is when the brain resets the organ system not to be sensitive to the allergen.  This process occurs during a 25-hour detox period starting from when the allergen is removed.  During this 25 hour period no exposure to the allergen can happen, including tasting, touching, or smelling.  On your next appointment the physician will check to see that the allergen has "cleared".  Clearing means desensitization.  After this period the item may be re-introduced to the individual with no reoccurrence of the original symptoms.

6.  How long does this "clearance" last?
In theory the treatment can last a lifetime.  However, high stress, trauma, severe illness, or over indulgence can cause a relapse in the offending allergen. 
In our experience, if clearance is still effective 24 hours after treatment, it is lasting and should be permanent for the life of the patient.

7. I've always been told to completely avoid foods that made me ill.  Do I have to follow this same protocol after my Allergy Elimination treatment?
A rotational diet is still recommended, as well as proper basic nutrition and supplementation.

8. Will I be completely cured of my allergies?
80-90% of patients treated experience complete relief from their allergic symptoms.  Most of them report that contact with previously troublesome foods or environmental substances no longer cause adverse affects.

9. How long will it take before I experience this degree of success?
The total length of the treatment program varies greatly from one individual to another.  Depending upon the number of specific allergies, the overall intensity of the allergic condition, and compliance throughout the treatment.  It may take anywhere from one to multiple visits.  For best results, usually just one allergen (or one group of closely related allergens) should be identified and treated per office visit. 
Most patients report experiencing their allergic symptoms during the treatment period, and are able to notice significant changes after the treatment is completed.

10. Can allergies cause real illness?  Serious illness?
They certainly can.  When a virus attacks, this sets off a struggle, to rid the body of the invading virus and the symptoms.  Fever, coughing, aches, fatigue, vomiting, etc. are signals that the body is trying to throw off the invading virus and its toxins.  Untreated, the symptoms increase, usually with serious results.
Similarly, continuous contact with an allergen produces toxins in the body, causing similar reactions to occur.  Undiagnosed, allergic reactions produce symptoms that mimic other conditions.  Just about any health condition can be a symptom of underlying allergies.  Most persons have sought treatment from multiple other health practitioners with no alleviation of their symptoms or illness, prior to seeking alternative care.


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